AM Africa Social Media Plans to Reach 20 Nations July 21, 2020

Apostolos Missions in Africa this week received three new Bible Students from Uganda (Brother Gerald and Sister Brendah) and brother Emmanuel from Tanzania. One Bible study session was conducted with them covering the Book of Romans by brother Walter.

Africa followed the guidance given by AMI HQ on how to evangelize on social media and God has been faithful to them, rewarding with 3 new Bible students. The region set up an Instagram page to carry out evangelism and in a week has received 100 followers from the five nations (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, and Nigeria) reached.

One student, Emmanuel is very thirsty for the Word of God and has a passion to know more. While listening to the introduction of Romans he asked that, “how can epistle of Romans be a love letter?”. When he received an explanation that its God Himself wants to speak to us, to teach us. He became more eager to know more about what God wants to tell him about His great love of God. “Tell us more, I mean explain more”, he asked.

Emmanuel completed his high school level and is waiting to join college next year. He is a young soul that needs to be natured and it’s our prayer that God gives him the best so he may grow to lead others to Christ. Gerald expressed his desire to become a Bible teacher while explaining his Christian faith and Hope. Brendah is still new as she joined yesterday session.

Africa plans to extend their social media base to 20 countries so as to reach to many youths and gather more Bible students.