AM Intl Explores Volunteerism as Method for Mass Evangelism

AM International is considering various strategies for mass evangelism and successful gathering of students. One method that AM considered in the past was students volunteers. This idea has proven to be most relevant when considering the desire for young people to be involved in something meaningful.

Surveys have indicated that 21st-century youth are more interested in doing work that is meaningful and impactful, more than work that pays well. Their hearts are thirsty to contribute to something that matters and has lasting effects. AM believes that gathering student volunteers on and off the campus can be a strategy for raising potential missionaries and Bible teachers.

Student volunteers have been crucial towards the development of world evangelization. The 19th century marked a significant change in world missions and it began by the mobilization of college students who volunteered their time. The Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) was launched in 1886 and was lead by Dwight D. Moody, among other pioneers. This movement was simple– the teachers trained and thought masses of students about the Bible and mission and later recruited candidates who were willing to go out as a missionary.

One motto of the era was “Christ means that all shall go, and shall go to all.” They encouraged lay people, even young students to participate in the world of mission.

AM wishes to revive the hearts of young student missionaries and mobilize students towards world evangelization. AM’s vision is to utilize student’s gifts and ripe passion to evangelize the world.

Please pray for the AM HQ to materialize this strategy and introduce it effectively. May God continually plow the land and lead the ministry towards prepared and wandering souls.