AM Online Bible Study Students Reflection on ‘Good Shepherd, Hired Hand’

Apostolos Missions Online Bible Study program gathered this week and studied a message from John 10 and John 21 about the Good Shepherd and the hired hand. The students listened carefully and received the Word humbly. The message exhorted students to have the heart like Jesus to love, feed the sheep, and take responsibility as shepherds of the Lord.

Please pray the message of the Gospel may be embedded deeply in their hearts and that they may grow as deeply committed disciples of Christ.

Below is one reflection from Vanessa from AM Atlanta:

Reflection: These passages remind me of the extent of Jesus’ love. In this bible study, I learned the characteristics of a true leader. A true leader is like the good shepherd who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep and who never forsakes especially in times of trouble. I also learned the characteristics of a false leader who is like the hired hand who abandons the sheep and who has false authority.

I can see how this bible study can apply to today’s world because we have witnessed examples of false leaders before. Jesus is the one true shepherd and I need to follow His example and carry His burdens. I realize we are all the hands and feet of the Lord and He has called us to take care of one another. Now that I am a leader in church, I feel the burden of the good shepherd. I will keep my position even when the going gets tough, even when my students face spiritual attacks, even when things don’t go as I plan. Keeping my position means keeping Jesus’ command. It’s hard being a student and raising a ministry, especially when your harvest of students does not share the same culture or race as you, but I believe this is where God’s glory can shine even more through my weakness. I don’t think I am capable of being like the good shepherd on my own, but I believe with God’s help and constant guidance and patience, AM will lead many to the Kingdom.