AM Zambia Youth Discuss Ministry Development, Set as High Priority

Apostolos Missions leaders had a graceful opportunity to meet Zambia youth and pastors. The congregation was very interested in AM and considered it to be an important investment for the future of the church and the nation at large.

AM Zambia leader, Rita Mwepa, traveled 6 hours from Ndola to meet the AM HQ leaders. They gathered with two pastors and other youth members go discuss developing AM in both Lusaka and Ndola.

The ministry was presented by AM leaders. The hearts of the listeners were touched by the vision and also the urgency of evangelizing Africa youth as the best strategy for changing the country and ultimately the world.

A Bible study was given by the AM General Secretary. The message discussed the heart of God that is urgent to guide the lost people of the world and our response to co-work with God to build His Kingdom.

The youth had many questions. And the pastors agreed that AM is a ministry they have been longing for as a way to organize their youth and raise them as kingdom builders.

AM Africa and AM Zambia will grow exponentially throughout this season, especially since the AM Africa HQ moved to Zambia. Conversations ensued to establish a stronger base for Africa youth.