East Africa Training Concludes, Youth Empowered for Future of Africa Mission

Apostolos Missions  East Africa Membership Training concluded on September 10, 2018 in Kampala, Uganda.

The training lasted four-days and welcomed guests from various countries outside of Uganda, including Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda.
The attendance reached 40 youth, and several adults who listened to 4 Bible lectures, a special seminar on Biblical Courtship, a special study on Biblical Marriage & Preparation, a presentation on AM International, AM Africa, and the WOA community, and finally a time of evangelism and fellowship.

The final lecture was delivered by Minister Michael Ford, AM North America regional leader. He shared the final Spiritual Law, about the Kingdom of God. Trainees were exhorted to walk the path of faith actively seeking the advance of God’s Kingdom.

The youth were empowered with new hope for the future of Africa mission. Their hearts were broadened to have a bigger dream for their life and the mission in their fields. Through their testimonies, it was evident that they listened closely and learned a lot from the Bible studies and fellowship.

The training was a meaningful time to introduce the history of God and share the work that is taking place to advance God’s Kingdom here on earth. Please pray that AM may continue to network effectively in Africa and raise new leaders in the near future.

Apostolos Missions HQ and Africa leaders departed for Kenya from Uganda. The leaders are traveling across the Africa continent and will stop at Nairobi Gratia Church and several stops in Zambia.

Please pray for their journey and for effective networking for AM Africa.