HQ Develops Social Media Tools, Stirs Online Engagement

Apostolos Missions HQ is renewing its focus on media in order to evangelize many young many towards the year 2020. The HQ is using social media to post daily images and videos. The HQ has been operating a Facebook and also Instagram page. So far, there has been very good reception to the images and posts.

With more focus, AM leaders believe that millions of more people can be exposed to AM and its mission. AM’s page has a few thousand “likes” and people have already begun to “like” the images and videos posted.

The staff is creating images daily with quotes from famous Christians. They hope to form many conversations online and help people to think about God’s Word often in their lives.

AM staff all have an interest in media and can use their talents to make better content that can share powerful messages and graceful tips to anyone on the internet.

Please pray that AM can have an effective social media outlet to help gather more people in the new year.